Cyber Security Partnership

We are pleased to announce PRA’s new partnership with Mirai Security, a collective of veteran information security professionals with the mission to provide cutting edge security services and solutions. Together, PRA and Mirai Security will use their combined deep knowledge and expertise in information security to help organizations identify and manage risk.


“PRA has been a champion of managing risk in the financial sector for over 35 years,” says Alex Dow, responsible for Situational Awareness and Security Operations at Mirai Security. “By partnering with Mirai Security, PRA will further add technical and strategic cyber security services to their portfolio. Mirai Security specializes in cyber risk management through the pragmatic application of technologies and processes, governance and compliance and readying clients for the future with application security and secure cloud transformation.” For more information about Mirai Security, visit

This new partnership will add to PRA’s industry experience, with many internal staff already listing CIO of large financial institutions as previous experience. Peter Reimer, Founder and Managing Partner at PRA states, “we are happy to add bench strength to our current personnel resources as well as our full suite of IT security audits and tools.”

This follows another recent innovative partnership where PRA teamed up with Tenable to launch CyberGuard, an integrated tool suite for Credit Unions to increase the level of cyber security on a cost effective, cooperative 24/7 basis, while seizing the related opportunities. With these partnerships in place, PRA is well-positioned to address any client needs regarding information security.

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